Using Alternative Treatment Method: CBD Oil for Cancer Cure

A growing number of evidence and studies is showing that cannabis oil is very effective in treating cancer. Even though the government of various countries have not approved the study regarding CBD oil cancer cure, but many scientists and cancer experts are emphasizing on it and claiming cannabis oil to be an effective and natural cure against cancer. Oncologists are even supporting the claim where cannabis is heralded to be an alternative remedy to radiation and chemotherapy.

Wait a minute! You might be wondering cannabis which is also known as PoT or marijuana, how can it be considered as an effective medicine for cancer treatment? Previously, medical marijuana was only considered to treat the side effects of chemo. However, with time it has been seen that medical cannabis has the ability to cure cancer and many other diseases.

Medical cannabis differs vastly from the cannabis drug. Still, how it can be considered as an effective cure for cancer? The oil contains CBD that has anti-proliferative effect on the cancer cells.

 cbd oil cancer cure

Cannabis Oil

Well, cannabis oil is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The process to obtain the CBD oil from the plant is through the process of solvent extraction. The extract that is obtained from the fluid is diluted with the plant based oil. The oil easily absorbs the important compounds like cannabinoids in them. The cannabinoids possess the quality of killing the cancer cells by inhibiting its growth and shrinking the cancerous growth. Hence, the statement regarding CBD oil cancer cure seems to be true.

How Cannabis Cure Cancer?cbd oil for cancer cure

Cancer experts are constantly searching out for ways for treating cancer naturally. Some evidences show that cannabis helps in curing cancer. With cannabis oil, patients suffering from cancer can easily prevent the cancer cells to spread further in the body. It prevents the blood vessels to feed on to the cancer cells.

Cannabis oil contains a high amount of cannabinoids (CBD) in them. The most powerful cannabinoid present within the oil is the THC. When THC gets in touch with the cannabinoid receptor of the cancer cell, the ceramide level gets increased. Eventually, this increase in ceramide synthesis leads to the death of the cancer cells. However, the process is not as simple as it seems to be.

The death of the cancer cells is caused due to the slight shift in the mitochondria. Well, the mitochondria are responsible for the production of energy that is needed by the cell to survive. Well, the cermaide synthesis causes a stress on the nucleus of the cancer cells. It pushes out the cytochrome C and generates a protein named p53. This protein causes a disturbance within the cell’s digestive system. This, in turn, blocks all the survival pathways of the cancer cells leading to its death.

Basically, CBD oil cancer cure causes the cancer death to get self-destroyed. In other words, it programs cell death through the process of apoptosis.

Treatment for Various Kind of Cancer

CBD oil cancer cure is considered to be a great option for curing brain, lung, prostate, and blood cancer.

If you want your loved one to get cure of cancer completely, you can go for cannabis oil. Well, cannabis oil can be a great cure for cancer without requiring you to invest a lot of money.